I am writing this letter on behalf of Dr. Thomas W. Pogue, DDS who recently helped me with my oral appliance for sleep apnea. I am very satisfied with my sleep apnea oral appliance. I use it alone and sometimes along with my CPAP machine. When I travel I just bring my oral appliance and do not bother with the CPAP machine. The oral appliance for sleep apnea is custom made and from my experience a better fit than over the counter oral appliance.

Dr. Thomas W. Pogue is dedicated to providing outstanding patient care and follow up for sleep apnea patients. He is passionate about helping patients achieve the best quality of sleep with oral appliance therapy.

My treatment included the actual mouth piece, a dentist visit to make the impressions for the oral appliance, and one or two follow up visits for slight modifications to the dental device. Dr. Thomas W. Pogue and his staff were very helpful and friendly during the entire process.

-Rachel B


I have been a patient of Dr. Thomas Pogue for over 30 years and found him to be an amazing doctor. I appreciate his professionalism and high quality dental care.

Over this period of time I have had many decisions to make from my teeth to overall health. Some much more difficult than others and through every decision and process he has helped direct me fairly and with my best interest in mind. There has been many times when I have needed emergency dental care and he has always opened up extra time to help address my immediate need.

In addition to addressing my dental needs, Dr. Pogue has recently become trained/certified in addressing Sleep Apnea/Snoring issues through a seamless evaluation process. My issues are now being treated through an oral sleep appliance called TAP. Thanks to Dr. Pogue recognizing my overall needs, I am a current user of TAP and am sleeping great -95% snore free.

Dr. Pogue is the best! He has always addressed my needs in a friendly, professional manner. He is truly a “Master of his Craft”

-Mike L.
Patient since 1981


I have been a patient of Dr. Pogue for more years than I would like to count. I appreciated the pride he has in his work and efforts to make his patients comfortable. The procedures were always explained to me before hand and I did not feel pressured into work that was not necessary. His high standard of work ethic has allowed me to enjoy the dentistry I have had done for years.

-Nancy K

Thank you very much for the great job of fitting me with the appliance. It works great and the snoring stopped immediately which has led to better nights of sleeping for myself along with my wife. It was either this appliance or I had no other choice then to sleep in another room and I am not kidding. My wife highly recommends this appliance to all who have a minor sleep/apnea snoring condition.
I also find that it is not annoying for me to wear at night. I don’t have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep while using this appliance and I have found that I feel much more rested the next day.
You are a great advocate to your patience well being and you have gone above and beyond what a dentist would do to help with this particular issue I had. I commend you with your concern and determination to help me resolve this issue and I hope other patients can find the same relief I have with this appliance.
I also commend your people skills as well as how easy it has been to work with you in finding a resolution with my sleep apnea condition. Thank you so much for changing the quality of my life.
And yes, Dr. Pouge, you are a great guy!

I am using a Herbst Oral Appliance for sleep apnea because I know I cannot tolerate a CPAP machine. Dr. Pogue fitted me for this oral appliance over a year ago.  He has regularly adjusted it to make certain it fits properly, and he has evaluated my usage to determine it is working as it should. I have had, for the most part, good results in wearing this oral appliance.  It fits properly and it is fairly comfortable.  At times, however, it needs adjustment because it becomes loose and slips out of my mouth during sleep.  Dr. Pogue has shown me how to adjust it, but I have not mastered the technique.  After unsuccessfully trying to adjust the devise myself, I take it to Dr. Pogue so he can adjust it properly. It took me a few weeks to become accustomed to wearing this oral appliance.  At first, I could only wear it four or five hours because it was uncomfortable.  I was not used to it, but now I can wear it all night.  The effort has been worth it as I feel rested when I awake after sleeping all night.

–Bruce A